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Don't Pimp Your Ride, GCSSB It!
January 5, 2019

Don’t Pimp Your Ride, GCSSB It!

When it comes to your car, if you want it for more than getting from point A to B, then bring it to GCSSB on the Gold Coast. We are your performance enhancing experts. Why settle for a standard ride when you can get a car that turns heads?

At GCSSB on the Gold Coast we don’t just deal with all your car repairs, we can take your ride to the next level.

Modifying and enhancing your car will improve its handling performance, so not only are you getting a better ride, but a safer one.

How can we customise your ride?

A standard ride might suit some people, but here’s some tips for taking your car from ordinary to extraordinary.

Lowering your car – Lowering your car looks pretty badass! If you are doing it for the looks alone, consider it ticked off, but the added bonus is the increased driver handling and safety features. A lowered car is more aerodynamic, gives you better traction with the road and enhances the comfort for the driver. The lower your car is to the road, the less likely it is to roll. Who thought safety could look so souped-up?!

Wider tyres – Wider tyres look pretty cool, but did you know that they also improve your handling? The wider the tyre the better the traction they have with the road, giving you a firmer ride.

Horsepower – Horsepower is the measure of an engines power, while torque is a measure of the cars ability to accelerate. Through various upgrades and modifications to your vehicle, you can soon find yourself behind the wheel of a high-performance car.

Stopping Power – Want to add stopping power to your car? Upgrading your existing setup with bigger brake callipers, bigger rotors and a heavy-duty brake pad to suit. You’ll be throwing on the anchors with unbelievable stopping power.

Body kits – At GCSSB on the Gold Coast we have a range of body kits that not only enhance the aerodynamics of your car but make it look as good as it performs.

Body Lift Kits – Our expert team can create a custom body lift kit to suit any type of vehicle. We are renowned for pioneering one of a kind body lift kits. If you’ve been told you can’t get your car lifted by other workshops, give us a call and we’ll sort you out.

Car mechanics on the Gold Coast that are passionate about cars!

If you want to take your car from meh to mint, contact the team of car mechanics at GCSSB. We are all passionate about cars, and whilst car repairs are our bread and butter, car modifications are our guilty pleasure. Call 07 5532 3772 to discuss your performance upgrades or call into our workshop on the Gold Coast.