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Shock Absorbers Gold Coast

Shock Absorbers Gold Coast


In Depth Understanding of Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are a main component of your suspension system. Their main function is to ensure the tyres stay in contact with the road’s surface. This gives you more control over your vehicle, as well as a more comfortable ride.No matter the make or model of your vehicle, we have the experience and the expertise to fit all types of shock absorbers. If you think your shock absorbers may not be working properly, it is in the best interest of your safety and the safety of your passengers to get them checked right away.


Upgrade Your Shocks Absorbers

Are your standard shock absorbers not up to the task? Whether you need an upgrade for better performance, or to help your vehicle cope with heavy loads, our car mechanics will ensure your shock absorbers go the distance.


Signs Your Shock Absorbers Need Replacing

When there is something wrong with your vehicle, it has its own way of letting you know. Our skilled car mechanics know all the indications to look for that demonstrate your car needs a new set of shock absorbers, or an upgrade. Whether you are experiencing excessive bouncing, your handling just doesn’t feel right, or your shock absorbers are leaking fluid, we can pin point the issue and rectify it with quality parts at a competitive price.


Call us Or Drop by Our Gold Coast Service Centre

If you think your shock absorbers need replacing or you would like to enquire about a quote for an upgrade call our friendly team on 07 5532 3772, or come and see us at 72 Ferry Road for all your steering, suspension, brake and car mechanic needs.

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