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CV Joints

The Knowledgeable Car Mechanics at GCSSB Can Inspect and Replace Your CV Joints

CV joints play a major part in the driveline of your vehicle. For those who don’t know, CV stands for constant velocity. CV joints are found in front wheel drive and rear drive vehicles and can also be found in AWD and 4WD vehicles.

If you’ve heard a strange clicking noise or popping noise coming from your tyre area when turning corners or accelerating, it may be an issue with your CV joints. When you bring your vehicle in to see the expert car mechanics at GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes, we’ll help you identify the cause of any suspicious sounds that are coming from your vehicle with our comprehensive full undercar inspection.

You may also be experiencing issues with your CV joints because of a boot failure. When your boot cracks or splits, grease leaks out causing a lack of lubrication. Dirt and debris can also get in, causing wear and tear on the CV joint itself.

When Our Car Mechanics Catch Boot Failures Early, we can Salvage other Parts

If you notice an issue with your boot or CV joint, call the friendly team at GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes as soon as possible. If we catch the issue sooner rather then later, there is less chance of other components deteriorating and affecting your vehicle’s handling.

As CV joints are such an integral part to your vehicle’s handling, it’s important for you to have any issues rectified as soon as possible, so you aren’t putting yourself or your passengers’ safety at risk.

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