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Suspension Springs

Our Qualified Car Mechanics Can Tailor a Spring Solution to Your Needs

With over 50 years combined experience in the industry, the skilled suspension specialists at GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes can tailor a spring solution to your needs. From passenger vehicles to light commercial vehicles and everything in between, we have the knowhow to incorporate the right springs into your suspension system, so it can handle anything you throw at it.

If you think there may be an issue with your suspension or your springs, our expert car mechanics can figure out the exact problem and create a solution for you that will have your vehicle handling normally, if not better than before.

Our Car Mechanics Specialise in All Spring Makes

There are different springs available to cater for different purposes and different vehicles. Our skilled technicians take the time to listen to your needs and inspect your vehicle properly, so we can find the right springs for your desired outcome.

The most common springs are coil springs and leaf springs. Leaf springs in particular are great for vehicles that regularly carry heavy loads. This is because they not only act as a spring, but directly support the axle and the chassis.

Our car mechanics specialise in all spring makes, so no matter which springs your vehicle requires we can install them.

All of Our Parts Come from Reputable Manufacturers

Springs are designed to withstand massive amounts of pressure, so it is extremely important your springs are sourced from a reputable manufacturer that doesn’t cut corners on quality. The cheaper springs on the market are prone to breaking, which can cause the whole height of your vehicle to drop and a loss of handling. All of our suspension components, including our springs meet the necessary Australian safety standards. Better still we price our suspension components competitively.

Call us Or Drop by Our Gold Coast Service Centre

If you are concerned you have an issue with your springs or suspension, or you would like to request a quote for an upgrade call the experts on 07 5532 3772, or come and see the team at 72 Ferry Road for all your car mechanic needs.

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