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4WDriving This Weekend Come and See GCSSB First!
November 20, 2018

4WDriving This Weekend? Come and See GCSSB First!

There’s nothing quite like getting in the 4WD and taking off for the weekend. Before you set off on your adventures call in and see the expert team of car mechanics at GCSSB on the Gold Coast, we’ll ensure your weekend goes off without a hitch.

Why should I see my car mechanic before a weekend of fun?

  • 4WD’s get given quite a beating, especially when they are taken off the beaten track so it’s important to ensure that your vehicle is regularly maintained to the manufacturers requirements. If you’re planning an adventurous weekend it might be best to be cautious and get your service done prior to your trip. Our team of car mechanics can give your 4WD an inspection and ensure everything is in good working order.
  • Every vehicle needs fluids and oil to run, so ensure you top up all fluids and oil as needed. Come see the car mechanics at GCSSB and we can change your oil and oil filter and ensure all your car fluids are topped up. It’s important to note that oil becomes less effective over time so topping your oil up is simply not enough, you will need to change it completely.
  • If you know your 4WD well, a quick visual inspection is a great way to see if anything is wrong with your car. If anything looks amiss bring it down to GCSSB and we will diagnose and fix the issue, so you can enjoy your weekend.
  • No pressure? Check over your tyres and make sure you have the right PSI, if your tyres are a little flat pump them up at your local service station. Pumped your tyres up and found a flat again? you might have a slow leak, don’t risk it come and see the team at GCSSB on the Gold Coast, we will ensure your 4WD is road and fun ready.
  • Planning on some extreme driving? Talk to the experts at GCSSB and we can discuss whether you will need to upgrade your suspension to accommodate your off-roading activities. Adding some heavy-duty shocks and springs means that you won’t need to hold back on your epic adventure.

Car mechanics on the Gold Coast with drive!

Don’t let your planned weekend of fun become a washout because of car issues and visit the expert team of car mechanics at GCSSB on the Gold Coast. Call 07 5532 3772, we can perform a service and ensure your 4WD is in optimum condition, so you can tear through the off-road with complete confidence.