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shock absorber replacement
May 25, 2021

When to Replace your Shock Absorbers

Your vehicle’s shock absorbers dampen spring collisions to limit the amount of suspension movement.

In other words, shock absorbers are what stop you from hitting your head on the ceiling of your car whenever you hit a bump or from moving from side to side when travelling on rough roads.

Here are several signs that it’s time to replace your shock absorbers.

Recognising these signs straight away could prevent further damage to your car.

A bumpy ride

The ride in your vehicle will become rather bumpy when your shock absorbers are coming to the end of their usual life. As this declines, you’ll feel almost all imperfections and defects on the road!

Problems with braking

Poor shock absorbers make it possible for the front-end of your car to ‘dip’ when the brakes are used. This added stress on your brakes could cause a 20% or more longer stopping distance, which becomes even more dangerous when driving in poor weather conditions.

Odd tread wear

Due to your car’s reduction in balance, you’ll notice over time that your tyres are showing uneven and unusual wear patterns.

We recommend that on your next oil change, you ask your mechanic to rotate your tyres, so they can closely inspect the tread wear.

Steering problems

Shock absorbers stabilise your car by maintaining the centre of gravity and balance. If shock absorbers begin to fail, you’ll feel your car swaying, or even lifting as you make turns.

Fluid leaks

When the shock absorbers begin to leak oil, it’s time for a replacement. Where would you see the oil? On the lower section of the absorbers, spots on the ground where your car parks, or on the inner walls of your tyres.

If you do not know what causes the leak, it is recommended that you do not operate the vehicle and ring a mechanic immediately.


Years ago, drivers were advised to replace their shock absorbers for every 50,000 miles driven. (What a pain!) However, as vehicle technology and the quality of car parts have significantly improved, this may no longer be necessary. Your shock absorbers could last from 50,000 to 100,000 miles.

When you notice any of these signs, we strongly recommend that you get your car’s suspension system checked by a vehicle repair shop that you trust.

While replacing shock absorbers isn’t the most challenging of maintenance jobs on your car, we recommend that you leave it to the experts (unless you’re great with spanners and have the appropriate tools at hand).

Whether you’re doing the replacement yourself or leaving it to the professionals, it’s always best you replace the shocks in pairs across either the front or rear of your car.

Get your shock absorbers checked or replaced today

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