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November 22, 2022

Book Your Summer Holiday Car Safety Check Now

Spending your summer holidays on a road trip, driving to a beautiful camping spot or an apartment at the beach is a great way to spend your break.

Making sure that you, your family, and your friends get from point A to point B safely is a very smart move, this means making sure your car is up-to-date with its servicing.

GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes are your go-to vehicle professionals located in Southport.

We offer car logbook servicing and suspension checks and repairs for every make and model vehicle.

Contact us today for a comprehensive car service to ensure you travel safely this summer, we’ll make sure your vehicle complies with all safety standards and is dafe for that long drive.

Having a comprehensive car service before you leave home will ensure all your lights are in working order, that your wheels are roadworthy and aligned, and that your car complies with all roadworthy standards.

Detect potential issues early on

Having your car serviced means your engine, suspension and braking will be thoroughly checked.

If there are any issues, an experienced mechanic will pick these up, which means you’ll be avoiding bigger, more expensive and potentially dangerous problems down the track.

GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes also offer full undercar inspections and safety checks, which involves physically checking over 100 individual components to guarantee the safety and reliability of your car.

Check the little things to avoid bigger problems

Your technician will also perform a thorough check of your car’s spark plugs, battery, air filter and fluid levels, such as engine oil and coolant.

Your car works hard on long drives, so all of these things need to be in full working order to avoid hiccups on the way.

Book your service early

Book your service early and once it’s done, you can enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge that your car has been checked and serviced by professional well trained mechanics.

Contact us today

At GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes, located in Southport, we have over 50 years’ combined experience in dealing with potential problems affecting your car or 4WD.

We’ve got the skills to ensure your logbook services are completed in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

With one of the largest workshops in South-East Queensland, we offer the best service at the best possible prices.

Make the most of your summer by staying safe.

Simply contact us by calling 07 5532 3772 and book in for your pre holiday car or 4WD health check or come and see the team at 72 Ferry Road on the Gold Coast for all your steering, suspension, brake and car mechanic needs.

With the combined industry experience of over 50 years, you can be confident we will provide the best service and advice for all your vehicle needs.