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Signs your brakes need Replacing
December 5, 2018

Signs your brakes need Replacing

Your brakes are a small and inexpensive part in your car but without them you’d be in a lot of trouble.

Maintaining your brakes is paramount for the safety of you, your family and other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

A routine service or logbook service goes a long way in ensuring your vehicle is safe to drive. Whilst brakes can sometimes fail without any warning or maintenance issues, if you are lucky you might get some warning.

Signs that your brakes need replacing:

  • If you hear a grinding or a screeching noise when braking, it could be your brakes. Our expert team can help you identify any strange sounds coming from your vehicle with our comprehensive full undercar inspection.
  • An easy indication of whether you need to get your brakes checked is if you apply pressure to the brake pedal and your car is unresponsive. With new brakes fitted, your car will be more responsive in its braking power, however worn brakes will mean a much longer braking time which in some cases can be highly dangerous to you, your family and others on the road.
  • Does your pedal vibrate when you put pressure on the brakes? If so, you may have warped rotors or drums. Our car mechanics can easily fix the issue.
  • When you are braking does your car drift to one side? Whilst this could be a braking issue it could also be a wheel alignment issue. Either way, we advise you contact the expert car mechanics are GCSSB to ensure your car is safe and roadworthy. In some cases, a small fix can make a big difference.

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