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March 23, 2021

How to choose the right towbar for your vehicle

Choosing the right tow bar to ensure that your towing experience is simple, safe and practical depends on a few considerations.

Here, we will explore the different tow bars available on the Australian market to help you find a perfect tow bar for the type of vehicle you have and the specific wiring it needs.

The best way to decide which tow bar to buy is to make an informed choice.

Since tow bars each come with specific functions and design, here is a guide and some tips you should consider in order to choose the right tow bar for your vehicle.

The type of vehicle

Vehicles come in various sizes and designs.

This explains why not all tow bars fit every vehicle. Hence, you need to be fully knowledgeable about the vehicle type you need a tow bar for, else you will end up with a tow bar that neither fits nor functions properly.

The weight

It is recommended to always consider the recommended weight of the car to be towed. That way, the towing process won’t strain the tow bar and the vehicle.

The type of tow bar

You have to first know the different types of tow bars and their various functions and vehicle types they are designed for, before making a purchase.

The price

Knowing the price of what you’re buying is always important. Some tow bars sell at a higher price than others due to their high quality and type. Knowing the price helps you to prepare and budget the right amount for the purchase.

To get the right tow bar, here are four different types you can choose from.

Rear step tow bar

This type of tow bar is designed for use on 4WDs only as it is perfect for off-road vehicles.

When fitted, the Read step toe bar sticks out quite visibly from the rear of the vehicle unlike other types of tow bars. Also, this design provides better ground clearance.

Horizontal hitch tow bar

It is a tow bar for vehicles that carry heavier loads. Its design includes a square tongue designed to connect to the trailer hitch.

The Horizontal hitch tow bar also features solid a metal pin which gets put in through the side of its hitch to keep the receiver secure.

Flat tongue tow bar

When it comes to towing lighter vehicles and loads, the flat tongue tow bar is perfect. It is a perfect fit for the detachable tow ball. Simply place two large bolts through the upper part of the hitch to secure the flat tongue tow bar.

Swan neck tow bar

The swan neck tow bar is designed to stay permanently attached to the tow bar. That’s a striking difference from other tow bars.

With this design, you don’t have to bother about connecting and detaching the tow bar during use.

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