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November 16, 2021

Get your car or 4WD holiday fit – Book a check up today

Heading away on holiday is an exciting time, but you don’t want your break to be ruined by a malfunctioning car, especially when it means being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

There are several important precautions you should take to ensure your vehicle will be in perfect working order, no matter how long or how far you are travelling on holiday.

How do I prepare my car for a long journey?

Outside of having your vehicle properly inspected by a mechanic, there are several steps you can take at home as well.

Nobody is safe from breakdowns or flat tyres, no matter how prepared they are. Consider upgrading your roadside assistance policy if you travel long distances or with a caravan to guarantee you’re covered, regardless of where you are.

It’s difficult to see clearly through a windscreen that is dirty or smeared with road debris. Ensure that your washer fluid is full and clean your windscreen thoroughly.

Driving at night requires a clean windscreen especially. Make sure the wipers are working before you start driving.

Whenever they squeak or leave streaks, you should replace them as soon as possible.

Ensure you are well stocked with replacement fluids for the road as well. Purchase quality products, including engine oil, coolant, windscreen washer fluid and power steering fluid.

This is a good start, but before embarking on an extended journey, make sure your car is checked by a professional mechanic.

Why you should get your car serviced before a long trip

There are many elements of a vehicle that can go wrong, especially when you are travelling long distances and carrying heavy loads.

Book your vehicle in for a thorough service and ensure the following elements are checked:

Lubricants: For a vehicle’s engine to operate properly and last for a long time, regular oil changes and filter replacements are crucial, but certain circumstances can also affect the lubricants.

The more weight you have to pull, the harder your engine and transmission will work, and the more oil will degrade.

Tyres: There’s nothing worse than finding your spare tyre under-inflated and having a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere.

Prior to hitting the road, a professional should check the pressure and wear on all tyres. If you need to stop suddenly, quality tyres make a big difference.

Radiator: When the temperature is soaring, the radiator is the only thing keeping your engine from overheating. It needs to be properly checked for any cracks or leaks.

Brakes: Every element of your braking system needs to be inspected from the pedals through to the pads, rotors and even fluids.

Don’t forget your after holiday car care

During your journey, your tyre pressure might have dropped if you covered a lot of distance. You should recheck the PSI and adjust as necessary.

When you’ve been driving for a long time, your car may lose fluids. Replace them if necessary and avoid exceeding the maximum fill line.

Call the experts

Comparing your speedo reading with the service sticker your mechanic placed on the inside of the windscreen can help you determine when your next service is due.

Make an appointment if it is time. Maintaining your car is one of the best ways to ensure your safety and your vehicle’s long life.

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