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Do You Even Load or Tow At GCSSB We've Got Your Load Carrying and Towing Solutions Covered
January 15, 2019

Do You Even Load or Tow? At GCSSB We’ve Got Your Load Carrying and Towing Solutions Covered

When your vehicle comes off the production-line, unless otherwise stated the ideal load is usually the nuclear family and some added luggage. Does the car manufacturer or 4WD designer take into account those trips to the tip, or that fact that you might carry heavy tools through the week and take the kids out on the weekend? Probably not, so maybe it’s time that you talk to the team at GCSSB on the Gold Coast and see how our car mechanics can help with a load carrying solution.

Car mechanics that can tailor a solution to you

When you are constantly loading your car with people and heavy goods it may seem ok at first, but you can almost guarantee that the wear and tear and resultant damage will soon start to show. So, what do you do? Visit the team at GCSSB on the Gold Coast, we can assist you with a load carry solution, so your vehicle is fit for your required purpose.

What effect do heavy loads have on my vehicle’s suspension?

When you carry heavy loads in your vehicle it will adversely affect your suspension. A heavy load will put pressure on the shocks and compresses the springs, this reduces the ability for the suspension to cope and can make for a very unpleasant ride and cause considerable wear and tear on your vehicle.

Leaf springs are specifically designed for carrying heavy loads, however over time they can become worn and will need replacing.

It might be time to look at your options. That’s where your local car mechanics at GCSSB come in, we can assist with all your heavy-duty suspension needs.

When you are towing heavy loads, it is essential to be as safe and cautious as possible. It’s important that when using a tow bar or any piece of towing equipment you are mindful of the maximum loading capacity.

When you are towing any trailer or caravan you need to ensure that your tow ball’s height and the orientation of the trailer are level. If your trailer is nose diving or pointing upwards, it can be dangerous, by adding the support of an airbag you can vastly improve the safety of your ride, whilst increasing comfort, stability and driver handling. Airbags will significantly reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle, giving you peace of mind that you aren’t carrying heavy loads at the expense of your vehicle.

Your suspension issues solved

All sounds a little technical? Don’t worry that’s where we come in. You tell us the purpose of your vehicle and we will modify it with a load carrying solution from one of our trusted brand suppliers. Call the car mechanic experts at GCSSB on the Gold Coast on 07 5532 3772 and see how we can make a whole load of difference to your vehicle.