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suspension checks by GC Suspension
November 25, 2020

Car and 4WD Suspension Health Check

Maintaining the suspension of your car or 4WD is essential if you want to increase its life span.

Owners who neglect to maintain their suspension may create problems in their vehicle that can be difficult and expensive to fix.

By following our simple tips below, you can learn how to take the best care of your car.

What is suspension?

Your vehicles suspension is a system that smooths out any bumpy journeys and helps with control over uneven roads.

The suspension is made up of spring coils that support the car and shock absorbers that protect these springs.

If these parts get worn and damaged, you could be in for a very bumpy and uncomfortable ride.

Luckily, there are things you can look out for to protect your cars suspension.

Properly inflate your tyres

Tyres are an important component of any suspension system, which is why they need to be correctly inflated at all time.

Tyres which do not have enough air won’t wear well, which will affect other parts of the suspension.

Your vehicle manual should tell you how much air your tyres need. Ensure to check the air regularly and especially before long journeys.

Listen out for sounds

Sounds can be a key sign that your suspension is failing.

Hearing a clunking noise when driving over a bump could indicate that your spring coils are wearing out.

This means that they will not have the right strength to keep the car stable.

Something else to look out for is if your car feels bouncy when going around corners.

This can be a sign that the shock absorbers aren’t working properly.

Avoid potholes

Driving over bumps and potholes at high speeds can wear out your cars suspension over time. Therefore, avoid bumpy roads wherever you can.

If they are unavoidable, make sure you drive over any bumps and holes slowly and carefully.

This will reduce the impact on the suspension system.

Examine the shocks

If you look under your vehicle, you will be able to see the shocks or struts, which are key parts of the suspension.

If these parts appear oily or greasy, they could be leaking fluid.

This means that they aren’t working correctly and may need to be replaced.

Look out for drifting

One sign of a failing suspension system is feeling your vehicle drift or pull when turning.

When this happens, it means that the shocks aren’t keeping the vehicle body stable.

If you feel this sensation, then your car needs to be taken to a trusted mechanic.

Do your part in maintaining your suspension by looking out for any warning signs and treating your car well.

However, if your suspension is damaged, it’s time to call in a mechanic.

At GC Suspension, Steering & Brakes, our expert team of mechanics can solve your suspension problems.

Simply contact us by calling 07 5532 3772 and book in for your pre holiday vehicle suspension health check or come and see the team at 72 Ferry Road on the Gold Coast for all your steering, suspension, brake and car mechanic needs.