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September 11, 2020

The Biggest Mistakes Car Owners Make When Searching ‘Mechanic’ in Gold Coast

Cars! They can be the love of your life or the bane of it.

Many car owners have a love/hate relationship with their cars. They love it when everything is fine but hate it as soon as something goes wrong. Let’s face it, the odds against your car never breaking down or having a fault are astronomical!

So, whether you are a gearhead, in love with the smell of petrol and grease under your fingernails, or the average person that just needs a reliable bit of transportation to get from A to B, you will probably need the help of a mechanic sometime.

 The trick is to find that mechanic. We all pray to encounter one that is reliable, actually knows what they are doing and won’t rip us off, don’t we?

A quick online search will turn up zillions of mechanics on the Gold Coast, but are they the right ones?

With that in mind and to save you further grief, we at GC Suspension would like to point out the biggest mistakes car owners make when searching ‘mechanics in Gold Coast’.

Don’t be impatient

When looking for good, reliable mechanics, don’t rush and hire the first you come across. We all want to get our wheels back on the road again as soon as possible, don’t we?

It’s a pain being without them, but it’s best to take a deep breath and slow down.

Don’t make that mistake. Search diligently and calmly. The best recommendation is a friend who is satisfied with their mechanic.


Don’t be swayed on price alone.

Many car owners fall into that trap. Offering mechanical services is a very competitive business, which tends to push prices down in favour of getting work.

None of us want to fork out a lot of dosh for the maintenance, servicing, and repairs of our cars, do we?

Unfortunately, the cheapest mechanics aren’t always the best. It is better to cough up a few extra bucks for your peace of mind. Look around, get some quotes, and compare.


Many car owners forget to ask about guarantees when hiring mechanics. Again, this is a case of impatience and lack of due diligence on the part of the car owner.

Walk away from any mechanics that won’t guarantee their work. Nailing down a guarantee could save you grief later.


There you have it. Only three mistakes are pointed out above, but they are the most common ones.

We at GC Suspension have sorted out the problems of many car owners because of them.

So, if you are looking for mechanics on the Gold Coast, include us in your search.

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